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A safe and supportive working environment
Nothing is more important than the Health and Safety of our workforce. This is more than a statement - it's a mindset that's critical to the success of our company.
MFPL has made an ambitious promise to transform the industry for the benefit of future generations. Fulfilling this promise requires us to be leaders in all aspects of our business, especially Health and Safety. Our ultimate goal is to be accident and injury free. To help us achieve this, the Group Management Board has established a clear set of principles to guide the company's decision-making with respect to Health and Safety, which are now embedded in the company's Health and Safety policy. The next step is to apply these principles at an operational level to make them live in the organization.
As we work towards achieving our ultimate goal of zero accidents and injuries, encouraging employees to take ownership of Health and Safety is a priority. In many areas this requires a major shift in beliefs..
We firmly believe that a successful business is a responsible business, and long-term growth for us, with our wider commitment to our communities, our employees, and the environment.
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