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Our Team
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Our Team
Employee development:
The value of talent:
Our business will only be successful and sustainable in the future if we can attract and retain the best talents and the right skills.
We have a whole range of programmes and initiatives designed to develop the people we already have, and recruit.
We put huge importance on developing the talent we already have, and give internal candidates priority whenever a new job vacancy arises.
We've also set up a Group-wide Engineering and Technical Programme, which is designed to create a global pool of engineers and technical specialists.
Performance management and leadership development
Our approach to performance management puts as much emphasis on how employees achieve their goals, as what they achieve.  We want to encourage ways of working that support our values and create role models for our future success.
The Global Executive Development Programme, in particular, provides a systematic and transparent process for managing an individual's performance, strengths and development needs. It offers regular feedback and on-the-job coaching to help motivate people and accelerate their progress.
We also have a competency framework, which sets out the skills we need from tomorrow's leaders. These include change management, decision making, a focus on results, strategic thinking, teamwork, full awareness of our stakeholders, effective communication, and a commitment to learning and development.  Having a single framework like this makes it easier to have consistency standards across the Group, and an objective method for assessing both abilities and potential.
Team With In
MFPL has huge strength of WORKERS with diverse skills and expertise, supported by highly trained and skilled workforce.
Our employees are our greatest asset, providing us with the invaluable competitive edge.
MFPL provides continuous training and learning opportunities, both technical and non-technical, to enhance employees' capabilities and expertise. Relevant knowledge developments in technical fields are also continuously conducted to support our thrust in  production.
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